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Coolmax Impress LIGHT weight, 42% PES COOLMAX® Fresh, 51% PESh micro, 7% Lycra

SENSOR COOLMAX IMPRESS tee ss YOUTH mint/purple bikes

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Light functional clothing for warm temperatures. Looser MID Performance fit enables you to move freely during sport and leisure activities. The patterned knit is light and elastic, made with a perfect combination of functional polyester Coolmax Fresh fiber, micro polyester fiber and elastan. The usage of the micro polyester fiber improves the feel of the material significantly.

Antibacterial qualities of Coolmax Impress are further improved by a surface treatment Silver Plus which inhibits reproduction of bacteries and spread of odour. The knit's profile and composition guarantees comfy traits such as high adsorption of humidity from the body, high elasticity and durability. The tee is UVA and UVB resistant at the level of sunscreen with a 50 factor.

Coolmax EcoMade technology

The clothes keeps the same traits and benefits as our earlier Coolmax series and at the same time is considerate to our environment. The fiber contains high share of recycled material (97%), limited is environmental impact. It is made from plastic bottles which are reshaped to serve as functional clothing during si production steps. The new EcoMade material has even better adsorption ability making you comfortable while wearing it even for extended period of time

  • Certified knit
  • Includes silver ionts
  • Elaborate anatomic cut which does not impact your movement
  • Highly functional technical first layer
  • Light knit, flexible and fast drying material
  • Extremely fast adsorption
  • Soft, light and highly breathable
  • Long-lasting antibacterial protection
  • Anti-odour
  • Flat seams
  • Number of colourful variants


Coolmax Impress

Look at all the patterns! Coolmax just got more colorful. Just as its older brother from our Coolmax collection, the youngest Impress can help you breathe through every activity. It just runs in the family, just like good taste. The printed pattern will make your peers marvel at you at first sight. More about Coolmax Impress.


UPF 25+



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Coolmax Impress


LIGHT weight, 42% PES COOLMAX® Fresh, 51% PESh micro, 7% Lycra

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