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Your happiness, our pride!

And you should be happy in handmade merino thermal wear made from the sheep of New Zealand. Even in extremely hard conditions which drive you further. Sensormerino will keep your comfort levels high in snowstorms as well as in hot summer. Functional merino clothing will become your superhero suit. It will fit your body thanks to flat seams and perfectly combed wool. Thermoregulating attributes of wool will not leave you cold either. Merino protects you from the cold even when it gets wet. In summer, merino works in the opposite way, cooling you and keeping you dry. Natural and permanent antibacterial ability of merino will leave odour with no chance.


Do what you like to do.

Anytime, anywhere. Protect yourself from sunlight and sweat with Technical. Ultralight synthetic fibers will deal with your body warmth as well as with the sun rays. Functional attire will cool you down and stroke you lightly. You will praise breathability, speed of drying and protection against UV light. Thanks to added particles of silver, the clothing will deal with pesky bacteries and odour. Technical simply knows what your skin needs.