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Coolmax Tech

Coolmax Tech
Coolmax Tech

Darwin's theory of evolution is complete. The missing link of the Coolmax series was finally found in Bystřice pod Hostýnem. After the Fresh and Air lines, Sensor brought the Tech edition to the world. So if you've been looking for a real treasure amongst functional hot underwear, you've now stumbled upon a golden vein.

As the name suggests, Coolmax Tech represents the ultimate triumph of technology over nature. A miracle? Sort of. Made from the most sophisticated man-made fibres, it's guaranteed to keep the holy trinity of sportswear watching over you:

1) Lightweight - Thanks to Coolmax Tech's ultra-low weight, you'll have to feel if you're wearing anything at all from time to time. The only thing you'll feel, though, is the extremely thin material with a special coating. This has one job...

2) Breathable - Whether you're going for a world record or just going after smaller fish, the mesh structure will wick every drop of sweat away from your body. It would keep a high school senior who confuses Macha and Hacha dry. And yet this stuff dries faster than the wine his parents accidentally spill on the carpet while drinking their son's failing exam...

3) The feel - Micro polyester fibres are softer to the touch than snakeskin, while their surface enriched with silver ions prevents the growth of bacteria and the spread of odours. With an anatomical fit and flat seams, this material is sure to find its place in the sun. Especially as it is resistant to UVA and UVB rays at the level of sunscreens with an index of 50.

The time has come for evolution. The popular Coolmax is here in the all-new Tech range. Extra hot stuff to accompany you wherever you're likely to get sweaty. Don't take it easy - throw on something that won't weigh you down (not just) when you're active.

A lightweight single-ply stretch patterned knit that forms the perfect combination of Coolmax Fresh functional polyester fibre, micro polyester fibre and elastane. The micro polyester fibre used significantly improves the feel. The antibacterial properties are further enhanced by the additional Silver Plus finish, which prevents the growth of bacteria and the spread of odours. The knitted fabric profile and material composition guarantee excellent properties such as high moisture wicking, high elasticity as well as dimensional stability and strength. The knitted fabric is resistant to UVA and UVB radiation at the level of sunscreens with an index of 50.

Coolmax EcoMade technology

We come with another innovation in the form of Coolmax Ecomade material. The garment retains the same properties and benefits as before while being more environmentally friendly. The fibre contains a high percentage of recycled material (97%) and thus mitigates the environmental impact. It is made from used plastic bottles that are transformed in six steps to serve as the basis of our functional clothing. This makes the new material even better at wicking moisture away from the body, so you'll feel great the entire time you wear it.


UPF 25+



Main features of COOLMAX® Tech knitted fabric

Certified knitwear

Enriched with silver ions

Advanced anatomical fit that does not restrict freedom of movement

Highly functional technical first layer

Lightweight knit, flexible and quick-drying material

Super fast wicking of moisture away from the skin

Softness, lightness and high breathability

Permanent odour-preventing antibacterial protection

Flat seams

Many colour options

LIGHT weight, 42% PES COOLMAX® Fresh, 51% PESh micro, 7% Lycra

How to care for COOLMAX® Tech products

To wash or not to wash? That's the question. If you're a believer that frequent washing is bad for functional materials, then we have some shocking news for you. Sweat clogs the micro-pores of fibres just like fabric softener or unsuitable detergent, so it can rob clothes of their breathability.

Do something for your favourite sportswear and those around you and give your laundry aftercare after every sweat:

Use a gel powder designed for functional clothing.

Wash at 30 °C and spin the drum at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm. Or select the sportswear programme on your smart washing machine.

Functional clothes dry quickly, so you don't have to put them through the dryer and risk losing their quality.