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Demands are growing. Faster, higher, stronger. There's thermal underwear to meet even the highest demands. Let's get familiar. Its name is Flow.

Everything flows and nothing lasts. The flow of time has caught up with functional underwear. It's not enough to take and give to sport to make it fun. Above all, your body doesn't deserve anything like that. Especially in the winter, when every crease costs you precious seconds on the slope. When you've got the right Flow, there's no such thing. It'll have you perfectly warm before you can say thermoregulation. It's not nuclear physics. It just precisely wicks the sweat away from your body and then it's dry. Keeping you warm is a small matter for him.

Especially when this line uses the craftsmanship of our seamstresses to great effect. In the years we've been sewing sportswear right here in the Czech Republic, we've got a thing or two down pat. Take a thermal shirt or a pair of underwear from this line. We'll comb and polish the inside like a rare diamond. It's what makes them fit brilliantly against your skin and keep your body feeling exceptionally comfortable. We call it Peach Finish. Why is that? Because a finish like this is a blast. It's almost like peach. Give it a try and we guarantee you'll bite into sports with even more gusto from now on.

Immerse yourself in sports to the fullest. Give in to the movement. Experience Flow! This line of functional underwear tells a winter fairy tale. Don't expect a frosty ending. Let the warmth embrace you for hours. It's like a racing suit waiting to be worn to the start. Don't you want to be first at the finish line?

The warmer Flow knit stands out for its look and incredibly soft functional material. The inner side is brushed with peach finish technology. Suitable for colder weather as a first or second layer. High functionality and flat seams are a matter of course. It is suitable for colder weather and allows maximum freedom of movement.




The main features of Flow knitwear

Warm thermal underwear brushed on the inside

Flat seams, attractive appearance

High elasticity

Suitable as first and second layer

Very good ratio between thermoregulation and high sweat wicking parameters

MID weight, 96% PES, 4% Elastan

How to care for Flow products

To wash or not to wash? That's the question. If you're a believer that frequent washing is bad for functional materials, then we have some shocking news for you. Sweat clogs the micro-pores of fibres just like fabric softener or unsuitable detergent, so it can rob clothes of their breathability.

Do something for your favourite sportswear and those around you and give your laundry aftercare after every sweat:

Use a gel detergent designed for functional clothing.

Wash at 30 °C and spin the drum at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm. Or select the sportswear programme on your smart washing machine.

Functional clothes dry quickly, so you don't have to put them through the dryer and risk losing their quality.